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  1. The society help promote publication of papers in Pediatric cardiology for this purpose its efforts are to publish a   Journal of Paedtric cardiology which is regularly published .
  2. The society organizes annual symposia in various cities of Pakistan with strong participation of Paediatric cardiologists and surgeons from home and abroad
  3. The society organizes workshops at regular basis and is great full to international pediatric cardiologists and surgeons for interaction with the local faculty. The society is great full to all Paediatric cardiologists and surgeons who have helped the local Paediatric cardiologists and surgeons over the past years .The society is especially grateful to Professor Shakeel Qureshi for his continued commitment to help develop Interventional Paediatric cardiology in Pakistan.
  4. The PPCCS is in process of creating guide lines regarding practice of clinical and interventional cardiology